English] Run or die / Kilian Jornet. pages cm Translation of the author's Correr o morir. ISBN (pbk.); ISBN (e-book) 1. Run or Die by Kilian Jornet - the autobiography of the world's most dominating athlete in ultra running Shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the. Run or Die by Kilian Jornet - the autobiography of the worlds most dominating athlete in ultra running Shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the.

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Being sedentary represents years of habitual restrictions placed on our bodies. It is a subtle oppression of our limbs that eventually results in. Download Best Book Run or Die Kilian Jornet, Download ebook Run or Die Kilian Jornet, Download Run or Die E-Books Kilian Jornet, Read Best Book Online. hj84lJUsn - Download and read Kilian Jornet's book Run or Die in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free Run or Die book by Kilian Jornet.

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I want to find out if it has fish, frogs, or tadpoles. And if the water is clean or not.

It was to be my destiny. Add to that the fact that I always, as long as I can remember, came back from every climb and hike with, at the very least, a stone from the peak or the highest point we reached-a custom I still keep.

I collect all types and colors of stone: volcanic rock from Mount Kilimanjaro and the Garrotxa, granite from the Alps and the Pyrenees, ocher from Morocco and Cappadocia, blue stone from Erciyes, slate from Cerro Plata,,,.

I think I must have been predestined to be a geologist or a geographer. Predestined to discover the secrets of the earth by searching for stones on every peak and in every cave, to explore its landscapes and reveal how the earth had been able to raise constructions as complex as sierras, with their mountains, valleys, and lakes, all of it working together perfectly, like a Swiss watch, and nothing or no one, not even the most powerful of men, able to stifle their rhythm and power.

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I think that occasion was one of the few when I have said, "I want to be. And in the end, they have. I enjoyed a normal childhood. I spent my time out of school playing near my parents' house by myself or with my sister or school friends. We played tag and hide-and-seek, built huts and fortresses, and transformed our space into imaginary scenes from films or comics.

[eBook] Run or Die

I have never been one to like being shut inside and was lucky that my parents lived in a mountain refuge, which my father managed, 6, feet above sea level, on the northern slopes of Cerdanya, between the mountain frontiers with France and Andorra. My playground was never a street or a backyard; it was the woods on Cap del Rec, the cross-country ski runs and peaks of Tossa Plana, the river Muga, and Port de Perafita pass.

That was where I began to discover the fascinating world of nature. When we got home from school, we didn't even take time to drop off our backpacks in the dining room because we immediately started climbing rocks or hanging off the branches of a tree in summer or leaping over snow-covered fields on cross-country skis in winter.

Every evening before going to sleep, my sister, mother, and I would go out in our pajamas for a walk in the woods in the dark, without headlamps.

We deliberately kept off paths, and thus when our eyes adapted to the dark and our ears to the silence, we were gradually able to hear how the woods breathed and to "see" the ground through our feet. We overrate our sense of sight, and when we lose it, we feel unprotected and exposed to the dangers in the world outside. But what danger can you encounter in the woods in the Pyrenees at night?

The only natural predators-wolves and bears-have been few and far between for years. As for other animals, what danger is there if you walk by a fox or a hare, given that you are an animal 10 or 15 times its size? And what about the trees? Your ears learn to hear the wind rustling their leaves, and that is how you are able to see them.

And the ground?

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Your feet tell you if there are branches, grass, mud, or water, if it goes up or down, or if there's a sudden rush of water. And that's how our time flew by, between games played near the refuge and weekend and holiday excursions.

Whenever we had two or three free days, we made the most of them to explore a new mountain. When we were starting to walk, we climbed the peaks closest to home and then gradually sought out new, more distant adventures.

The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die: eBook (Reflowable ePub)

By age 6 I had completed four Aneto summits, and at age 10 I crossed the Pyrenees in 42 days. However, on these excursions we never simply followed the footsteps of our parents. They took us to the top and were our guides, but we had to find the path, look for the signs, and understand why a path went this way and not that. We weren't passive observers of what was happening around us. The mountain took on a broader meaning than the space where we usually played.

It was terrain with a life of its own, and we had to get to know it so that we could explore it safely and anticipate the dangers. We had to adapt to the terrain where we were born. This was how our parents taught us to love the mountains: They made us feel like part of them. Because, in essence, mountains are like people: To love them, you must first get to know them, and when you do, you can tell when they are angry and when they are happy, how you should handle them, play with them, care for them when people hurt them, when it is better not to annoy them.

But unlike any person, the mountains, nature, and the earth are much, much bigger than you are. You must never forget that you are a speck, a speck in space, within the infinite, and they can decide at any moment whether they want to erase that speck or not.

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