Cathy Cassidy wrote her first picture book for her little brother when she was eight or nine and has been writing fabulous stories ever is the. Автор: Cassidy Cathy, Книга: Cherry Crush, Серия: Chocolate Box Girls, Жанр: I'd known for a while my readers wanted a series of linked books, so they. In this pack you'll find lots of information about the books, about Cathy Cassidy, and about the Chocolate Box girls themselves. There are links to Cathy's website .

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C. J. Daugherty is a writer and editor, and has written for Reuters, the Dallas Morning News and the New York. Times. She is best known for her books about. PDF [pdf, 20 MB]. Download the Cathy Cassidy Summer Sleepover pack! It's filled with ideas for things to make and do at your sleepover, including strawberry . A wonderful, family story, with an inspiring introduction from Cathy Cassidy, author of The Chocolate Box Girls and other hugely popular fiction for young teens.

Her best friend, Jo suddenly hates Indie over a boy.

Honey Tanberry

But Aisha comes to the rescue and Indie doesn't need Jo anymore. Life is fine again. As soon as life turns good, Mum's ex-boyfriend turns up And Indie definitely won't forget that night Indigo Blue all about learning about love, family and friendship, making the right choices, and realising which people are better for her, not others Driftwood At the beginning it was just Hannah and her best friend Joey, giggling about Hannah's brother Kit, who obviously fancies Joey.

Hannah meets Joey's adopted brother Paul and everything changes. Joey persuades Kit to look after Paul and their group of two friends turns to four. Then one day, Kit and Paul fall out, and Joey and Kit get together. Then Hannah finds out that Kit and his friends have been bullying Paul and suddenly she has to choose whose side she is on.

Scarlett A teenaged girl named Scarlett is expelled from her school again and is forced against her will by her mother to live with her father and new step-family, of whom is the entire reason she doesn't want to live with her father in the first place.

When she moves to Ireland she meets a teenaged boy named Kian and she begins to mend her ways and learns to love life again. Sundae Girl Eighth grader Jude is shy. Her mother gets ill on alcohol and cigarettes while her father is stuck in the s as an Elvis impersonator and to make it more difficult, her Grandma has Jude's best friend Nuala doesn't understand anything and life turns sour for Jude until she realizes the dorky Kevin Carter from school could be 'her knight in shining armour'.

Lucky Star This book continues delinquent Mouse's life from "Dizzy". Mouse is now fourteen. Mouse has been having lots problems with his school and has been excluded for a while.

He then meets a girl called Cat with crazy and daring ideas in her head. Wonderful things happen when their together, but will it end in a happy ending? After all, everyone has their secrets and only one can win in a game of cat and mouse. Ginger Snaps Ginger was once an outsider, but not any more. She has managed to reinvent herself, become one of the cool girls, and has a lovely new best friend Shannon.

Cathy Cassidy Summer Sleepover Pack

For all the latest on this best-selling author go to www. Stories, ideas and giveaways to help you spark young imaginations.

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Honey supported her through this and by the end of the book, she was doing a lot better. Edit Coco loves her sister and tries to not participate in rows with her. They do have non-serious arguments concerning Coco's amateur violin playing as Honey is annoyed by it.

Book: Cherry Crush

She always seems slightly wary of what Honey is doing and is aware that the people Honey hangs out with could be trouble but she keeps her suspicions to a limit and believes what Honey says. Edit Before Cherry arrived, Shay was Honey's boyfriend; he was the only person who could calm her down.

When they finally break up, Honey is depressed and hates her stepsister even more as she thinks she stole her boyfriend. Eventually, she cuts her hair off to prove her point.

In later books, she acts cold and frosty towards him until Bittersweet, when she splits up him and Cherry but eventually shoots a video for his song and sets up a music page for him, showing she still has some feelings for him. It is thought that Honey still has feelings towards Shay however he doesn't have any towards her, making their relationship sour. Edit Since Charlotte divorced Honey's dad, Greg, Honey has often been moody and aggressive towards her mother as she holds her responsible for her dad leaving when in reality it was Greg's fault.

Charlotte is protective towards Honey as shown when she is traumatized by Honey leaving alone with her then-boyfriend Alex on a motorbike. Deep down, Honey loves her mother however, she does not often show this.Even though she's having a bad time at home, school isn't perfect either. Puffin Classics 68 Books. As a teacher, I think this would work well in a 7th or 8th grade classroom, and at the very least, would recommend it for personal reading, if nothing else. And Indie definitely won't forget that night Her mother gets ill on alcohol and cigarettes while her father is stuck in the s as an Elvis impersonator and to make it more difficult, her Grandma has Any teachers here ever use Cassidy in the classroom?