It's never too late to learn how to play chess - the most popular game in the world! Learning the rules of chess is easy: Set up the Chess Board. The rules of chess are rules governing the play of the game of chess. While the exact origins of The first known publication of chess rules was in a book by Luis Ramírez de Lucena about , shortly after the movement of the queen, bishop. From initial board set up to movement of every piece, we will explain everything in this chess rules section. The ultimate aim in the chess game is delivering a checkmate – trapping your opponent´s king. With the exception of the knight, a piece may not move over or through any of.

Chess Rule Book

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FIDE LAWS of CHESS. Contents: PREFACE page 2. BASIC RULES OF PLAY. Article 1: The nature and objectives of the game of chess page 2. Article 2. Too detailed a rule might deprive the arbiter of his freedom of judgement and thus FIDE appeals to all chess players and federations to accept this view. How to Play Chess: This is an explanation of the rules of chess. I love the game, and I wanted to do my own illustrated tutorial. I know that there are other Chess.

Chess is believed to have been invented years ago in India. The game has changed only slightly since then with the advent of the queen in the 15th century and some minor movement adjustments in the s. White is always first to move and players take turns alternately moving one piece at a time.

Movement is required. Each type of piece has its own method of movement. With the exception of the knight, a piece may not move over or through any of the other pieces.

If a king is in check, then the player must make a move that eliminates the threat of capture and cannot leave the king in check. Checkmate happens when a king is placed in check and there is no legal move to escape. Checkmate ends the game and the side whose king was checkmated looses.

Chess for kids would be a great option to help the kid enhance his thinking capability with the chess strategies involved. The chessboard is made up of eight rows and eight columns for a total of 64 squares of alternating colors.

Each square of the chessboard is identified with a unique pair of a letter and a number.

Each square of the board, then, is uniquely identified by its file letter and rank number. In the initial position setup, the light queen is positioned on a light square and the dark queen is situated on a dark square. Castling is the only time in the chess game when more than one piece moves during a turn.

During the castling, the king moves two squares towards the rook he intends to castle with, and the rook moves to the square through which the king passed. The king may not currently be in check, nor may the king pass through or end up in a square that is under attack by an enemy piece though the rook is permitted to be under attack and to pass over an attacked square.

En Passant may only occur when a pawn is moved two squares on its initial movement. This option, though, only stays open for one move.

What are the Rules of Chess? – The Definitive Guide To Chess Rules

The En Passant move was developed after pawns were allowed to move more than one square on their initial move.

The idea behind this rule was to retain restrictions imposed by slow movement, while at the same time speeding up the game. The choice is not limited to previously captured pieces.

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Chess Setup and Rules for Kids & Beginners

The knight moves in an L-shape from any square on the board. Imagine an L shape made from any 3 connected squares, any orientation.

This means that every time the knight moves, it lands on the opposite color from where it started. The knight takes other pieces by landing on the square where they are situated. It can move back and forth as many squares as desired on the diagonals but only stays on one color square the whole chess game. It takes a piece by moving onto its square, just like the knight. The value of the bishop, just like the knight, is equal to 3 pawns.

She can move diagonally, horizontally and vertically as many squares as desired, and takes pieces by moving on to their square.

Thanks to this powerful range of movement, she is the most valuable chess piece on the chessboard after the king, worth 9 pawns! He has to be well protected throughout the whole game because while you can lose other pieces when the king is trapped, you lose the game!

Some chess experts claim that in the endgame, the king is worth 4 pawns. This is because, in most endgames, there are no longer any danger for the king to be checkmated. Instead — due to the reduced material — it is important to activate the king. This means victory to you!

Stalemate: There are also other possibilities than checkmate to end a chess game. One of the possibilities is a stalemate.

When you stalemate the opponent, the game ends in a draw. Draw: Another possible end of a chess game is when a player offers a draw after his or her move. The opponent can choose to accept it and the game is over.

How to Play Chess

A player can also resign, usually when the game seems to be completely lost. Time: If you want to play in chess tournaments, you usually play with a chess clock.

Run out of time before the opponent, and you lose. When it is your move, your chess clock runs down until you make your move and push the chess clock, pausing your timer and activating the opponents. There are tournaments where you can have an hour for your moves, or 5 minutes, or 15 minutes depending on the tournament you participate in.

Chess game goal

Another important thing you have to know when you want to play in a chess tournament is that you have to record all the chess moves on a scoresheet. Before any chess game, the players shake hands and usually wish each other good luck for the game.

Sometimes the players will analyze their chess game together after it has finished and give each other tips and words of advice.The value of the bishop, just like the knight, is equal to 3 pawns. Fernando iChess says: From the initial position, the pawn can even move two squares forward if desired. How to Move the Queen in Chess The queen is the most powerful piece.

Chess moves King can move exactly one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Knight can move one square along any rank or file and then at an angle.