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Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page PDF of This Issue PDF. BOOK REVIEW In Black House, King and Straub tell the tale of the adult Jack. Unlike other Stephen King novels. The Blackhouse. Reading Group or Book Club Questions for Discussion. (NB contains spoilers for those who haven't read the book). 1) The story unfolds.

Instead of appealing to false authorities we appeal to our neighbors. We need to find ways of critiquing and opposing our neighbors while holding them in love. And oddly enough… by protesting them we are empowering them. We are appealing to people power. We are invoking people power. So what should we protest? These are just a few examples. Reusable silverware and bags… not disposable.

download local. Boycott conglomerates. Transition towards a more vegan diet… and why. It is okay if you are not vegan. But there truly is enormous global benefit to this subversive diet.

There are so many other examples but as I said… these are powerful enough to stand on their own. If we can change those four things we can change the world.

When we challenge the way people think and feel and offer them a new paradigm their eyes are opened. But by confronting this belief that we are collectively powerless we empower our neighbors.

And ourselves. We just have to educate and inspire. We could list very global problems. Like ending war and hunger. Transitioning away from fossil fuels to renewable energies. People cling to their dogmas doggedly.

But when we take to the streets and protest and educate we find many allies who are in agreement with our aims. These people we welcome into the black house network. We can invite them back to our home base to become further involved in our overall mission. They will want to help us. And we can surely help them. So protesting and educating our neighbors is a great way to build our support network. And we need a sufficiently large network to break free of the dominant money and corporation driven paradigm.

Stephen King & Peter Straub - Black House

This is clearly all about people power. We can unite our resources and skills and services and belongings. We can change the world. It is a beautiful phrase indicative of the possibility of a much more hospitable and open world than we currently inhabit.

When we live fully by this phrase we turn our possessions over to others, they turn theirs over to us, and both are all the more wealthy for having done so. This is collective strength. These three words make for a strange, controversial, and thought provoking phrase.

When I hear it I immediately think of beach front private real estate. It is nearly tragic. And this is a belief that I am in partial agreement with. I believe there are places and times for private property, but I think we overdo it to the point of cutting up our world into non relating segments when we would fare better with a more interconnected world.

Just imagine a world where we could share more deeply. There is still a place for private property but we still share more deeply. In two square miles of suburban sprawl there might be five or ten of them when one single circular saw in a tool library would do just as well.

What a waste of resources and money! I have heard of people doing this with their wardrobes. They do clothing swaps. How abundant and overflowing can your wardrobe be when you find people willing to share theirs with you and vice versa? If people learn to share resources effectively then our experience of true abundance can manifest. Keeping them all stored up in our little box. You maintain whatever you want to be your private property but the more you contribute to the Free Store the greater is your level of access to its contents.

You can even keep a lot of the items you donate in your home until they are requested from a list that is posted in the store.

This is a simplified example of how the market would work. But to hint at the possibilities there could even be secret free stores that only certain people know about. I only have one question for the reader in this chapter: In talking stick circles we pass a stick around. Whoever is holding the stick may speak their piece.

If you were in a think tank session that was devoted to designing the su casa share and trade market and someone passed you the stick what would you say? You can always pass the stick and say nothing. Sometimes silence is the most powerful sound. Overpopulation and the Power of True Democracy One of the biggest challenges that we face as a species is our exponential population growth. This is easily one of the most dire problems we face yet no one is talking about it, despite the fact that there are already more people than the earth can sustain and we're growing exponentially.

Like many other doomsday-esque problems we face, there is a silent agreement not to talk about it. It is taboo. But if we're not to kid ourselves about where we stand in relation to these frightening issues then it is time for humanity to begin a conversation about all that is doomsday-esque, including population growth. It may come as a surprise, but we are actually already, in our present condition, fully equipped with the social technology to democratically deliberate an agreed upon solution for exponential population growth--even if that agreed upon solution is to do nothing and accept our destined destruction.

The process has settled cutthroat debates in both America and Canada. It is ingenious but simple: One or more citizens is scientifically chosen from each and every demographic that will be affected by the outcome of a political decision.

The scientifically elected representatives, which together speak for the population as a whole are then presented with the problem at hand. Their discussion, all the meanwhile, is facilitated by a conflict resolution specialist. And eventually, after days or weeks of deliberation they arrive at a solution that is in the best interest of the whole.

This incredibly powerful democratic process needs to be practiced and applied more often. It has worked wonders in Canada, solving the cut throat debate between Quebec separatists and the nationalists and it has been used successfully in America to solve cutthroat debates as well. I would like to also suggest to the creative mind of the reader the possibility of involving an even larger audience and participation by combining the process of the Citizen Consensus Council with the communicative technologies of the internet.

It comes highly recommended. This is especially true of abstractions and conceptual language. It is possible that without giving a name to a tree that we can see a tree as something that exists. In this case giving a tree a name helps us to capture the essence of a tree and invoke or communicate the concept of a tree to others.

The difference between a discussion and an argument can be quite subtle and having language for these two concepts is helpful in the realm of communication. The Inuits, the indigenous people of Alaska, have somewhere around fifty words for snow.

This is because they deal so closely with snow. As inner circle members of the black house project we will be similarly engaged with and surrounded by discussion, debate, and argument.

So knowing this it would behoove us deeply to develop an inventive language that can shine a light on common occurrences in discussion, debate, and argument so we can see them more clearly, identify them, and react appropriately to them.

We need to create words for things that exist without a given name. It is unfortunately very common for people to employ logical fallacies in their arguments. Having a hand signal for different logical fallacies can be tremendously helpful in shutting down manipulative, spinster-like, and illogical arguments.

It is a way of telling someone that their argument is invalid. Imagine if everyone else in the room throws the hand signal in agreement. This is a powerful statement. For them the argument is very much an intellectual endeavor. For the other person though it is an argument deeply entrenched in emotion. They see the harm the former person is espousing.

Black house spiders are unlikely culprits in necrotic arachnidism: a prospective study

And they become emotional. But the person is completely blind to the fact that they are the one who has initiated violence. For them this all exists in the realm of thought but in fact it is rooted in real life suffering and injustice. And we can say to that person do you know what I mean by that?

This is intellectual for you. We can also, instead of giving it a long multi-word name, create a single word that etymologically describes this phenomenon.

I hope you can see that we can deeply empower ourselves via inventive language creation. We can have hand signals for subtle manifestations of racism or sexism or ableism. The possibilities are endless and it is truly a group endeavor to create inventive language. I can only prime your imagination. I cannot do it alone. As we explore the realms of debate, discussion and argument we can become increasingly aware of common occurrences.

Things that exist without a name. And then we can give them a name or sign to see more clearly. A fair deal of think tank time will be dedicated to expanding our inventive language. We could potentially create an entire guidebook of inventive language. This is a constant process of exploration, witnessing, and learning. If so could we give newcomers introductory lessons into how we utilize language and signing?

How we honor the beginning and end determines how we experience the middle. It is my feeling and belief that no one should have to give birth or die under fluorescent lighting surrounded by a sterile, unfeeling, and cold environment.

There should be incense and soft lighting and serene music and love and friends and family and an overall sense of acknowledging both passages into and out of life as sacred. Men with PHDs who see birth not as sacred but as a something akin to a medical procedure have stolen authority on birth-giving from the midwives and doulas and molded birth into a drug induced patriarchal construct.

It is also important to note that America does not have an exemplarily low rate of maternal death. Our culture has also succumbed to normalizing genital mutilation in the case of male children. I understand that people have been swayed into believing this is no big deal and just a normal affair but circumcision is a needless, painful and altering operation in truth.

One needs only to do a minimal amount of research to understand that the process is not medically necessary. More often than not anesthetics are not used. I have made this search and I can say rightly that it looks painful as all hell. Evidence shows that the trauma from the pain of this cruel initiatory passage into a cruel world makes lasting effects on the brain of the child. The foreskin is also teeming with nerve endings so there is a marked decrease in the amount of sexual pleasure a cut male can experience.

There is literally a Reddit group full of men devoted to manually manipulating their cut phalluses to re-grow their foreskin because they are trying to reclaim their natural biological state… which is a process that apparently takes circa two years of daily labor. We have all been relentlessly conditioned to forget our true power and we doubt ourselves at every corner. We have given away our power. Or perhaps it has been taken from us.

Either way… it is time for us to take it back. We only need educate ourselves and our neighbors. It takes a village to bring a child into this world and it takes a village to see them on their way out.

May we honor both birth and death. And may way thereby honor life.

I would say there is no real need for a study into this inquiry. It is self evident. I totally get it. It has no real power. Look at George Bush Jr. He got in despite losing the popular vote. Many local elections also boil down to who spends the most money on their running campaign.

Most of the prior chapters in this book focus on solutions that do not require appealing to or ousting false authorities. This current chapter is written with a partial focus on idealistic conditions. But as a physicist ignores air resistance in his equations that analyze how fast a feather and bowling ball fall when dropped from the same height, let us also take certain factors out of our equation to open our minds to possibility.

What would that ideal governance look like? In an ideal world a lack of hierarchy is attractive, but I think it is also natural for people to depend on people in leadership positions, preferably leaders who encourage others to lead themselves. So if I had to pick a form of governance it would be that of a Democratic Meritocracy. In a democratic meritocracy leaders would be selected by their merit.

This can be done scientifically and democratically. The people could come together as a whole and determine what qualities and values their ideal leaders would embody. Qualities embodied could include empathy, sensitivity to the suffering of others, the willingness for self sacrifice, an innate desire to share wealth and see all humans as deserving of all that life has to offer, humility, a great sense of responsibility to others, relative immunity to the corrupting nature of power, wisdom, open mindedness, strength, the ability to listen deeply and communicate effectively, the ability to inspire, intelligence, expertise in many relevant areas of life and thought, self awareness, conviction, a willingness to acknowledge mistakes, bravery, and a sense of honor.

Values held could include opposition to bigotry in all its forms, a utopian mindset, a placed importance on the value of love, deep care for the health of the planet, a desire to see wealth more evenly distributed, the desire to eliminate as much suffering as possible, a disdain for war, a love of peace, a disdain for corruption and greed, a love of liberty and freedom, emphasis on the importance of art, the desire to see education reformed, a love of children, care for the sick and dying, the desire to oppose patriarchy and rape culture, and the desire to create sustainable and regenerative cultures.

In an extreme case, theoretically, a potential leader could be tested via a staged setup. They could be tested for their willingness to lay down their life to save others from harm.

I am not necessarily advocating such an intense happening. I am merely seeking to prime the imagination of the reader regarding the possibilities of a meritocratic approach to selecting leaders. It should be clear that in an ideal world the implementation of this meritocratic approach would serve us better than the current pseudo-democracy by which we are ruled.


How to implement it is a whole other story. However, we can abide by this meritocratic ethos within the black house culture if we need to structure leadership.

If we can prove through example that this method works then we can sway people to demand that it be implemented on a larger scale. If we demonstrate to people through communication the possibility that a range of our solutions are potentially viable then they may be willing to test the waters and contribute.

However as our resource pool grows with our growing numbers we have more to offer on a practical level. Imagine someone who lost their job. Imagine a resource pool so large that we can sway a landlord to donate an apartment to our resource pool. We can then offer people places to live on a non-monetary basis for working grassroots jobs. It is much like how birds migrate from one place to another when the resources dwindle or the weather changes.

However I must note: I find it is important to juggle grand visions of hope with realistic expectations. Even the smallest impact is worthwhile. The value of hearts and minds may perhaps outweigh practicality.

Throughout the history of humanity, initiatory rites—such as initiatory rights into adulthood—have played an important role in the evolution of the individual.

We lack this mindset in our current culture. They have not fully stepped into the role of independent human because there was no invitation for them to do so. It is possible that within black house culture we can reclaim the human tradition of initiatory rights. This may sound cultish so I think this aspect of black house culture should be voluntary and optional and not necessarily commonplace but essentially we are looking for a very human way of offering people ways to experience our humanness.

We can help people explore what it means to be a human. We live in a very intellectually driven world. It asks of us to come at life with a perspective of mind. But it pays for us ask of ourselves how far can I swim, how long can I hold my breath, how long can I stay in a freezing ice bath. High venom gland expression of latrodectins is also seen in widow spiders [ 21 , 22 ]; Fig. Included in this clade are venom gland expressed latrodectins from Latrodectus and Steatoda, as well as venom toxins from the more distantly related hobo spider Tegenaria agrestis.

Proteins predicted from venom gland expressed sequence tags ESTs from Loxosceles, another distantly related spider genus, fall outside of this clade, but their levels of expression relative to other tissues could not be determined. Isoelectric points are below 6. Moreover, the InterProScan predicted CHH domains of house spider non-venom hormone sequences in the phylogeny are 69—74 amino acids long, whereas the CHH domains of house spider venom expressed latrodectins are 51—61 amino acids long.

The house spider latrodectin homolog aug3. However, analysis of the S.

Chow Down. Drink up.

Other house spider genes with venom gland biased expression Top BLAST hits of additional house spider venom biased components include small, cysteine-rich mini-proteins e. BLASTclust analysis of translations of the venom biased house spider genes resulted in 30 groups containing three or more sequences. One of the largest BLASTclust group contained 12 sequences, including the most highly venom gland biased transcript aug3.

Fifteen of these sequences are tandemly arranged on genomic scaffold , two are on scaffold , three are on scaffold , and four are on scaffold Fig. While diverse at the amino acid level ranging from 72 to amino acids in length , nearly all of their encoded proteins contain at least six cysteine residues and a predicted signal peptide motif Additional files 6 and 7. Numbers above genes indicate rank in order of highest venom gland expression among all genome predicted genes e.

Venom gland and silk biased expression labeled as in legend above. Non-house spider sequences labeled with GenBank accession numbers. Similar to what is observed in the latrotoxin and latrodectin families, the phylogeny of these sequences suggests that substantial lineage-specific expansion has occurred within this family, resulting in many diverse coding sequences with distinct expression profiles. Fourteen of these sequences are venom gland biased and three of the genes aug3.

These three silk biased transcripts are present on the same genomic scaffold as 12 other family members, including several venom biased and highly venom expressed transcripts, but form a separate clade in the phylogeny Fig. Three of the five putative L.

Discussion Because the common house spider Parasteatoda tepidariorum and black widows are members of the same family, the newly sequenced house spider genome is an important resource with which to identify genomic differences that may contribute to the exceptionally potent venom of black widows. We focused our evolutionary investigation on two families latrotoxins and latrodectins that are especially abundant in black widow venom and are also poorly understood due to their narrow phylogenetic distribution.

As a result, we identified a multitude of novel genes coding for putative venom toxins, significantly expanded the known members of the latrotoxin and latrodectin gene families, and discovered a novel venom gene family that dominates house spider venom gland expression. Prior to , four homologs of the latrotoxin family were known, and only from black widow species [ 14 ]. We found that the house spider genome includes at least 47 latrotoxin genes and recent black widow transcriptomes have suggested a minimum of 20 latrotoxins and likely more in their genome, but we could not identify definitive latrotoxin homologs in the only other high quality spider genome Stegodyphus mimosarum.

Most of the other characters in the novel are bland. Henry Layden, a blind man, possesses the uncanny ability to distinguish the undistinguishable with his heightened sense of hearing and smell. Similarly, they neglect the magical Judy Marshall, the intelligent and brawny motorcyclist Beezer, the stressful Dale Gilbertson, and Ty Marshall, the child prodigy.

These and other characters have their moments of glory, but are never fleshed out by King or Straub. Only when they are around Jack are the supporting characters meaningful, but even then, they are nothing more than extensions of Jack. Unfortunately, Jack cannot carry the novel alone. In addition to unmotivated, one-dimensional characters, Black House also suffers from a choppy narrative.

As a result, the conflict between the different narrative styles disrupts the flow of the story.For them the argument is very much an intellectual endeavor. Either way… it is time for us to take it back.

Numbers above genes indicate rank in order of highest venom gland expression among all genome predicted genes e. So what should we protest? This search revealed a region of the D. We simply pass a stick around and whoever holds the stick can speak their piece.

Men are dying. But when we stop playing the game how much actually changes?