The Difficulty Of Being Good On The Subtle Art Of Dharma. Topics Difficulty. Collectionopensource. LanguageEnglish. Gurcharan. Identifier. Why be good? ethics of the world today; a world that is uncannily similar to that of the great epic. [eBook] DIFFICULTY OF BEING GOOD ebook (ePub). THE DIFFICULTY OF BEING GOOD. 'Through a series of bravura readings of the Mahabharata, Gurcharan. Das makes a learned and passionate attempt to.

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Tags: The Difficulty of Being Good by Gurcharan Das eBOOK; The Difficulty of Being Good ePUB; The Difficulty of Being Good book review; The. Editorial Reviews. Review. ''The book is a wonderful combination of the scholarly and the The Difficulty of Being Good: On the Subtle Art of Dharma eBook: Gurcharan Das: site Store. EPUB Text Only. English. Prachin evam Hindi. The Difficulty Of Being Good, Gurcharan Das, Oxford University Press, XRCVC. DAISY Multimedia. English.

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The world--and enlivened by Das's forthright discussion of his own personal search for a more meaningful life--The. Written with the flair and seemingly effortless erudition that have made Gurcharan Das a bestselling author around the world--and enlivened by Das's forthright discussion of his own personal search for a more meaningful life--The Difficulty of Being Good shines the light of an ancient poem on the most challenging moral ambiguities of modern life.

It shows the interactions between indigenous culture and workplace ethics which is increasingly being populated by multinational corporations.

It discusses how the Indian workplace has evolved over time as well as retained some managerial practices dating back to the classical traditions of ancient India.

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