During the first arc of the Superman/Batman series written by Jeph Loeb, what appears to be the Kingdom Come Superman. Kingdom Come. +. Marvels: The Remastered Edition. +. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns 30th Anniversary Edition. Total price: $ Add all three to Cart. Kingdom Come shares some similarity with the storyline presented in Marvel Comics' Squadron Supreme issue mini-series, where the team serving as.

Kingdom Come Comic Book

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Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and almost every other character from DC To ask other readers questions about Kingdom Come, please sign up. Welcome to the Official Site for DC. DC is home to the "World's Greatest Super Heroes,” including SUPERMAN, BATMAN, WONDER WOMAN. KINGDOM COME # DC Modern Age Graphic Novel. Batman. Superman. Free Shipping. $ 1 bid. Free Shipping. You, dear watcher, can check out the.

Captain Marvel eventually wound up in the hands of DC themselves.

Instead, Captain Marvel was reframed as a mentally damaged man-child, brainwashed and mind controlled by a society of villains to be an attack dog. In , the Justice League had been through dozens of non-standard rosters. Rounding out the rest of the roster is Hawkman, an older Supergirl, and the Ray.

And of course, Batman would feature heavily in the story. There were some slight flaws, though. Flash is Wally, not Barry. Aquaman refuses to take part in the conflict, and Martian Manhunter is reduced to a brief and tragic cameo. One of the main problems Ross and Waid had with the s was the prevalence of hero vs.

A hero vs. That last part is where Ross and Waid's critique falls apart. Rather than showing a better way to tell a superhero story, they make the climax of theirs a massive hero vs.

Hero vs. Several of those Easter eggs would evolve into something far greater later on down the road. Sharp-eyed readers might notice that he shares an origin with Grant Morrison's Damian Wayne, and indeed, one served as a partial inspiration for the other.

A lot of the "child" characters serve as Easter eggs themselves, referencing popular comic book relationships, like Nightwing and Starfire. Wonder Woman is generally considered one of the main superheroes of DC. Focused around defeating her foes through love rather than violence, she represents a gentler superhero than Batman or Superman.

But in the modern era, she's been re-characterized to be more violent than either of them, and more importantly, more willing to kill. While she starts out a hero, she ends up as a tertiary antagonist. Far more militant than in the past, Wonder Woman is perfectly willing to execute belligerent heroes and villains. This leads to conflict with Superman, which in turn splits the Justice League. Wonder Woman and her faction go to violently put down a riot in the superhuman gulag, running directly counter to her kinder, gentler nature of the past.

One of the hallmarks of the Dark Age was the rise of more long-form storytelling. This was especially evident in the recently launched Vertigo imprint from DC.

These days, six issues is pretty standard for a story arc.

So a story that lays out what it's doing, then just gets to it, is certainly appealing. The backstory happens because Superman quit.

Kingdom Come Comics

The plot is kickstarted by Superman's return. Superman puts an end to the conflict. Throughout the story, we see Superman struggle to adjust to a world he is unfamiliar with.

We see him at the depths of despair, and his struggle to climb out. In another context, it would be a compelling character arc. First, he gives up on superheroing and vanishes.

One of Superman's key character aspects is that he never gives up. Then, after returning, he sets up a fascist rule over superheroes, imprisoning those who disagree with him.

If there's one thing Alex Ross' art is suited for, besides epic splash pages, it's close, personal moments. They serve to ground what could have been an overly larger-than-life story. Between god like superheroes and a Revelation narrative, the personal moments serve to tie it all together. Like the character of Norman McCay, they provide the reader a glimpse of normalcy.

The meeting of villains in a board room serves as a chilling setup for subplots. Norman's failed Revelations sermon at the beginning of the book drives home how bleak things are in this world.

Wonder Woman and Superman sitting in space discussing their changed morality serves to explain Wonder Woman's new harder edge.

And of course, the famous diner scene at the end injects some much needed levity and relief into what had previously been a fairly dark story. It takes older established heroes and makes them darker and edgier, notably Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel. It wallows in hero vs. Even further, the conflict isn't really resolved. Everyone just sort of gives up and goes home.

The ending is mildly optimistic, but it's pretty much the only part of the comic that is. No longer an active crime fighter, he has turned Gotham into essentially a police state with Bat-robots. But he remains resolutely moral and grounded. One of the few major heroes to remain unchanged morally through the rise of the next generation of heroes, Batman is also one of the few main characters concerning himself with humanity, not just superhumanity.

But that's not to say he's not a cranky old man. Of course, he's still Batman, so he creates intricate schemes and plans to both save the world and get one over on a group of villains attempting to win him over.


Not to mention the classic moment of Batman ordering his steak well-done. Instead, its greatest weakness is that it was already left behind. While cape comics were in a pretty dire state in the s, they were also in a period that pushed the genre further than it ever had been.

Sometimes, the pushes went too far and failed.

But other times, we got some of the best comics put to print. While Ross and Waid did have a point that comics had gotten needlessly dark, they went about it in the wrong way. Continue scrolling to keep reading Click the button below to start this article in quick view. Leave A Comment. The 10 Best Rick and Morty Cosplays.

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Kingdom Come, replete with grand storytelling and biblical prophecy, takes place in the near future when Superman has retired and a new, ruthlessly violent generation of "heroes" has corrupted the Earth, their questionable deeds culminating in the destruction of Kansas. Written by Mark Waid, with art by Alex Ross. Direct edition.

Kingdom Come (1996 DC) comic books

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Second printing. In "Truth and Justice," Superman, now out of retirement, inspires fellow super-heroes Green Lantern, Hawkman, and others to appear before the public and announce their return from self-imposed exile.

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Second Printing. A war is brewing in "Up in the Sky. Wonder Woman and the other classic heroes must reclaim the world from the new, ruthlessly violent generation of anti-heroes. Thus concludes Kingdom Come, arguably the greatest Elseworlds tale ever told. Frosty Christmas: Santa Christmas: Rudolph Christmas: Vault of Horror EC: Dollar Bin Codeword.

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Kingdom Come DC 1. Published May by DC. Add to cart VF 8.

Add to cart VF- 7. Add to cart Fine.Throughout the story, we see Superman struggle to adjust to a world he is unfamiliar with. Add to cart VF- 7.

Kingdom Come Comics

Books marked with the following grades fall on the grading scale as follows. With hostile heroes and villains locked up together, pressure builds. Authorized Seller.

What should be "hero recovering from getting blasted through a wall" ends up looking more like a guy lying on a couch.

If hope left us… …is there any reason to live in the future?